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A Brief History of the English Pub

Have you ever wondered how English pubs got started? The history of the pub goes as far back as the Roman Empire,

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where people used to gather to drink and socialize. At first, pubs were referred to as “alehouses” in England, and then soon were called “public houses,” which is where their abbreviated name comes from. Here are some facts about the history of the English pub and how this commonplace became a center for people to drink, eat, and be merry together.

The Romans invaded the area that is now Britain in 43 AD, according to Ben Johnson of Not only did the Romans bring civilization to the area, but they also brought along something called “tabernae,” which was a small store on the side of the road that sold wine. As time went on, the British started serving ale, a fermented drink that was made from barley, which is also known as cask beer. With the growing popularity of ale, pubs began also serving food to their guests in addition to also giving them a place to stay. Pubs also started becoming a common meeting place for military men as well.

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